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The Foundation for End of Life Care was first established in 1997 as the Foundation for Hospice and Home Care of Juneau, and originally funded with a bequest left by Juneau resident Verna Carrigan. It was created as a development foundation to exclusively support Hospice and Home Care of Juneau.The original board of directors included Robert Tonkin, Mary Zemp, Beth Galea, Bruce Garrison, Marijo Toner, Jane MacKinnon, and Scott Lafavour. A majority of the Foundation’s directors were required to also serve as interlocking members on board of Hospice and Home Care of Juneau.

In December 2002 the Foundation re-established itself as a separate 509(a)(1) organization, a non-profit publicly supported charity, so it could operate as a stand-alone foundation and broaden its role in the community. Interlocking board members were no longer required. The name was then changed to Juneau Hospice Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose was modified to include more outreach and education about end of life care and issues, while continued to support hospice and bereavement services. In fact, while transitioning from an organization that solely supported Hospice and Home Care of Juneau to one with broader purposes, the Foundation pledged to only support Hospice and Home Care of Juneau for the next two years, which it did through the 2004 fiscal year.

To more effectively manage and increase its funds, in February 2005 the Foundation became the first non-profit to join the new Juneau Community Foundation. The Juneau Community Foundation is a non-profit public charity dedicated to collectively meet the needs of the people of Juneau and other communities in Southeast Alaska, through donor-designated funds. Its intent is to respond to the changing and growing needs of the communities by building permanent philanthropic capital through individual donations.

On April 11, 2005, the Foundation’s board voted to change the name again, to more accurately reflect its mission, and to avoid some confusion in the community, thus making a more clear distinction between the Foundation and Hospice and Home Care of Juneau, the latter now operated by Catholic Community Services. The mission and commitment remained the same: outreach and education for the community about end of life care, and to provide funds, through grants, to requesters from hospice, bereavement organizations, and other entities involved with the end of life.

From 2005 to 2007 the Foundation continued to rebuild its investment fund and establish itself in the community. A very successful outreach event was held in October 2006, featuring author and attorney, Bill Colby, who is nationally renowned for his expertise in the field of death and dying.
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